Thank you so much for this little sweet boy Remmington (Remi).  We love him!

Mookie is such a dare devil.  He already loves the water!  He is the greatest ever!!

Bravo Hunting!
Best day hunting!  Not gun shy at all.  Super birdie.  Honored Mila's point.  Got a quail for dad.  "Helped" Mila get two pheasants.  Didn't shy away from tullie patches, briars, or water.  His shock collar wasn't working, so we had to rely on him to behave and he did.  It was a success!
Hunter is healthy and happy.  It didn't take long to bond with everyone and my other dog.  He loves sitting on my lap in the evening watching TV.  Thanks for this wonderful pup! 
German Shorthaired Pointer

Jarod Fricke  - Very smart, cute, awesome personality. Our little Coco is already house trained. Has "sit" down already with very little effort. At only 9 weeks. If I could I would of gotten two puppies.

When we went to look at Black Pine Pointer's litter, we did not know for sure if we would leave with a pup.  It only took a few moments to realize that Scout was going to be our forever pup!  Scout is such a fun puppy, and we love her already.  She has already bonded with us as well as our other dog.  The dogs adapted quickly to each other and get along so well. She has already shown signs of  being "birdie" and we know she will be a great hunting dog.
Ollie (11 months) has been such a fun and loving dog with our kids that we had to get one of his siblings.  Aspen has only been with us for a week and our entire family is already in love with her.  I'm excited to watch these two grow up together.  Thank you for the perfect additions to our farm family.
Teresa and I just wanted to thank you Tina for our wonderful puppy Benni.  You went above and beyond with the entire process including keeping us informed, sending tons of pictures, videos, and were extremely organized throughout the entire process.  Thank you so much!
      Joe and Theresa Martin.

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