German Shorthair Hunting Dog

If you have ever hunted with a German Shorthair Pointer, you have enjoyed the experience of a lifetime!  I love these dogs!  They are intelligent, beautiful,  and an unbelievable bird hunting dog.  I hunted alongside my dad when I was a little girl.  I went hunting with my husband as I got older, but it wasn't until I got a GSP for my own that the fun began.  After the first time, I went hunting with Sierra, I couldn't get rid of the excitement I had felt!  They truly are a jack-of-all-trades.   To be walking along looking for birds and have your own dog suddenly lock onto one is unbelievable to watch.  When the dog retrieves the bird to you, you are amazed at what just took place.   It was because of this that I wanted others to be able to see and feel what I did when I was hunting with my German Shorthaired Pointer.  


Sierra is my pheasant hunting companion.  She is the mother to our puppies and an unbelievable hunter.  Tucker (featured below) comes from a long line of pointing dogs.  His father "Teton" has earned his Senior Hunter Title and is producing some outstanding hunting dogs.  My husband and I are excited to offer these dogs to the hunting public.  Please feel free to surf our website, and if you are interested in purchasing a puppy, be sure to contact us.



Cleo (2).jpg
German Shorrthaired Pointer

Introducing Cleo, the new addition to our family!

Cleo A.jpg
Cloe Hunting 4.JPG
Cleo Hunting 2.JPG
Cleo Ears.jpg
Cleo, when she was 6 months old and hunting like the big dogs!  What a super dog!
Cleo in a rush to catch up with Sierra! Don't you love those ears!!!
Koa, the dog with the blue ribbon, is Cleo's Father.
Koa Cleos dad.jpg